The visual identity project for the Afagá brand was created alongside Estúdio Versalete. The partnership started at a formal meeting and developed into a strong alliance. The brand was created thinking of all the Brazilianness and affection already shown in the products and services provided by the team.


The logo designed by Fernanda Moraes brings movement to identify the Brazilian cultural ideal, as well as the contrast between the Sauna font, which brings the comfort and affection of sweets, and Syntax, which comes with the sophistication of the target audience.


The colors were developed having as main reference the movement of Brazilian modern art, the Atlantic Forest, and all the incredible sweets that Afagá makes. We arrived at a palette with a strong base in browns and with a lot of intensity, and freedom of choice, since the company is young and in constant movement. We understand that colors need to bring possibilities and not restrictions, that's why we thought of eleven different combinations between the logo and background color.